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The Chunky Method of Writing by Allie Pleiter


The Chunky Method Handbook


Lacy Williams Books LLC
March 26, 2015





Can’t seem to finish that novel you’ve been writing? Want to write faster and get published but fear squelching your muse?


Pleiter’s innovative Chunky Method offers practical, real-world productivity advice in an easy to read and inspiring workbook. Follow a step-by-step plan to identify your unique writing “Chunk” and wield it to create a solid plan that works “even when life gets in the way.” No matter what your writing style, The Chunky Method Handbook will help you chart an individualized path to your creative writing goals.


The award-winning author of over twenty novels, Pleiter has been teaching her nuts-and-bolts tactics across the country for years to writers of all genres, ages, and experience levels. Filled with real-life examples, humor, honesty, and encouragement, The Chunky Method Handbook is an essential resource for thriving in spite of all that the current market—and everyday life—demands from a writer’s creative energy.


In this book, you’ll learn how to write your book one step at a time. You’ll discover the secret to finishing your novel at your own pace. 

The Doctor's Undoing by Allie Pleiter
Cover Art Copyright © 2015

by Harlequin Enterprises Limited


The Doctor's Undoing


Harlequin Love Inspired Historical
April 2015


ISBN #978-0-373-28309-5



Healing the Doctor's Heart


When Dr. Daniel Parker requested an army nurse to help with his orphanage, he expected an organized, sensible matron. Instead he gets young, beautiful, obstinate Ida Lee Landway, whose vibrant outlook and unrelenting optimism turn his work and his life inside out.


Army life was easy compared to the discipline at her new workplace. Yet Ida is immediately smitten by the children in her care…and impressed by Daniel's unfaltering dedication. Adding color and warmth to her new surroundings is one thing. Can she also help the good doctor embrace joy—and in so doing, find the family they both deserve?




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Small-Town Fireman by Allie Pleiter 

Cover Art Copyright © 2015

by Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Small-Town Fireman

Harlequin Love Inspired
January 2015

Sixth book in the Gordon Falls Series

ISBN #978-0-373-87932-8



The Doctor's Undoing by Allie Pleiter 

Cover Art Copyright © 2014

by Harlequin Enterprises Limited


The Doctor's Undoing

Love Inspired Historical


ISBN# 978-0-373-28309-5



The Chunky Method Handbook by Allie Pleiter 



The Chunky Method Handbook


Lacy Williams Books LLC







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